My Book Cover

Olivia's work on my first book cover was absolutely amazing. She took what was just an idea and made it my reality. I received countless compliments on the cover and am so grateful to Olivia for sharing her talents on my project.

- TaRae D. Peoples


My go-to graphic designer!

Olivia has worked on many church-related projects for us. Most recently she redesigned the promotional materials for our Holiday Bazaar. About three years ago I brought her an idea for an apron design that I wanted to do as part of an event. Olivia’s initial design matched my vision almost perfectly and she promptly made a couple of tweaks that I suggested.

- Paula Fries


More to be added soon.

I’m compiling the reviews I’ve collected over the years, so more will be up soon!


If we have created a project together and you’d like to share your thoughts on it, please feel free to write a quick review. Thank you!